Midnight Thoughts – Learning from Everybody; Everyone Makes You Who You Are

Recently, I have been suffereing from insomnia, and the medication prescribed doesn’t really help much.
Thus, I spend my night lying in bed alone with but my thoughts and memories.

Well, last night, I was thinking about how from everybody in our life, we can learn something. Yes, from every single person, even the person you detest and wish you had never met. What made me think about this was reflecting on what had happened the evening before, in my uncle’s rented car, on the way to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant by East Coast Park. I was sitting in the furthest back row of the seven seater with cousins Samuel and Raymond, aged ten and eight respectively. 

The two boys were play-fighting, as per usual, until Sam began to hit Raymond’s head. Telling him to not hit anyone’s face or head, his mother in the middle row of the car overheard and yelled at Sam, “Sam, you stop bullying your brother! You are in very big trouble.” 

The two boys stopped fighting, and Sam began to tear up. Out of nowhere, and I do mean nowhere, came Sam’s hand at fullspeed, grabbing Raymond’s neck. He had almost smashed (really really hard) Raymond’s head into the car seat in front, but I had stopped him just in time. I then talked to Samuel, asking him why he was so mad. 

Sam was intent on the fact that Raymond had ruined his life when he was born. I brought up the fact that no, it couldn’t be – if it weren’t for Raymond, Sam wouldn’t be who he is today, and also that Raymond had taught him a lot. 

Hence, I was just playing back that scene in my mind during my sleepless night, and was thinking ‘Hey, yeah, it IS true – you wouldn’t be who you are today if it weren’t for any single person in your life, and you have learnt something from every single person in your life. Thus, you should be thankful for every single person in your life. Even those whom you claim to have screwed up your life. 

Everyone whom you claim to have screwed up your life has made you that much stronger; taught you to move on and be strong. 

Everyone whom you detest but have to face daily has made you more patient; taught you to be patient. 

Everyone who has wronged you has made you more forgiving; taught you forgiveness.

And that is all I have for my very first Posterous post.



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