The hypocrisy behind death sentences…

“An eye for an eye” is something that most people live by. 

Even the leglislature runs by that, with their death sentences. 

I honestly do not see the logic behind prosecuting one to death. The reason behind a punishment is so that the doer of the crime is able to realize what he did was wrong, and hopefully turn a new leaf. 

If you prosecute the criminal to death, he just dies immediately – no time to realize his wrong, no chance to even feel the slightest pang of guilt, no opportunity to apologize for his wrong-doing… 


4. Do we want justice or revenge?

In a civilized society, we gradually move from the concept of “punishment” to one of reform. Only when the court senses that a person is too far gone for reform does it even begin to consider a death sentence. This is sure to provoke strong responses, but do we really feel that no criminal* can ever change? That they’re a foregone conclusion?


*Criminal: In the original article about rapists, the term used was ‘rapist’, but I had changed it to ‘criminal’ to fit this context without changing the original. 

Well, that is all I have for this post.

Kudos for y’all readers (: 

Oh, wait, on another note, I’ll be dropping by a cosplay event at Downtown East tomorrow afternoon. Any chance anyone is dropping by there? 



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