Midnight Thoughts: (untitled poem)

Down her cheeks streamed tears,
crystal and glistening, overdue by years.
Usually she would hold back them tears
but she couldn’t anymore, after so many years.

Overwhelming emotions gushing,
fear, hatred, anger – all the more reason to be crying.

Alienated emotions filling her to the core.
For a split second there, she was vulnerable once more.

Then she gathers her shattered pieces,
flattens out the creases.
and rebuilds her fortress of defenses.

(I know this isn’t good.)
On another note, insomnia has got me screwed up so badly! I’m pissed off by the slightest of things and I just want to shut the door, lock it, and be alone. This is very unlike my extroverted self.
Any advice to help me sleep? If I could sleep, I’d be a much happier person. And I’d also probably be able to function more like a normal person.



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