Poetry Competition

I originally wrote a poem my teacher deemed ‘dark’ and ‘disturbing’. This was her reaction when I showed her the poem: 
*reads poem*
*looks at me*
*glances at poem*
*looks at me*
“This is very…dark…and disturbing. A lot of disturbing mental images…”

I won’t be surprised if she sends me for counselling soon.

Anyway, I thus wrote another poem of happy insomnia. Phbbt. I don’t even like the poem. Hmph. 

Imagine a dancing bunny
hopping ‘round the round.
Think of something funny
just to chase away the gloom.

Staring into darkness – it isn’t much fun.
In a  dark lonely room with nothing to do or see,
might as just well let my imagination run; 
Let it go wild and free.

Insomnia – it isn’t the best:
Holding sleep hostage for Valium pills,
doesn’t ever let you rest
until the exhaustion feels like it’d kill.

But sometimes, exasperation 
makes for the best inspiration



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