Walking Halter


The other day, I walked into the pet shop at Kallang Leisure, only to find amongst the leashes and collars, this atrocious product – Walking Halter. 

Walking Halter!
Walk your dog with ease!

No more pulling, lunging or struggling

I was thinking ‘Hey, this is pretty cool.’ until I found out how this contraception operates. 

There is a muzzle to be put around the dog’s snout. When the leash is taut, the muzzle tightens, thus clamming down on the dog’s snout. 

This is a cruel, cruel contraption! 

Clamping of a dog’s snout is okay when training it to stop barking or biting. However, it is definately unacceptable to clamp it’s snout for walking too fast or too far away from you. 

You see, when a dog is out for a walk, chances are it has his tongue dangling out. When the muzzle contracts, it will force the dog’s snout to clamp close on its tongue. 

This is CRUEL. 

I don’t understand how anyone would grant a patent on this piece of torture device. 



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