Here’s to the gays, the bi’s and the lesbians.

Even though I’m no lesbian, it appalls me, really, that today’s society can be so disguested and unaccepting of homosexuals.

All of us are humans, homosapiens. 

Realize that both homosexual and homosapien begin with ‘homo’? 

That’s because we’re all humans, and they are no different – they are simply attracted to those of the same gender, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. 

Those who blame people for being a homosexual are stupid. It’s not like they CHOSE to be attracted to those of their same gender, they were just programmed that way. 
It’s like me blaming you for having the ‘wrong’ favourite colour or having the ‘wrong’ favourite food. It doesn’t make sense, does it?

A few people have ‘fessed up’ their homosexuality to me, and I realized that they’re all very apprehensive about it, afraid of what my reaction would me. I just say ‘okay, cool’, because I don’t see the big deal. 

Gays are being ostracized, and I just cannot understand why.  

Here’s to the gays, the bi’s and the lesbians: 
You’re you. There’s no reason you should hide who you are. Be proud of who you are (: Here are hugs, encouragement and love for y’all. Oh, and remember that if you want society to accept you, you’ve gotta accept yourself and be confident. 



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