My First Love Poem

You’re everything the stars want to be on a cloudy night,
shimmering and illuminating the black velvet sky.
Like a beautiful candle of elegance, you are my light
and I can’t get you off my mind no matter how I try.

Your beauty astounds me,
your elegance divine.
Come with me, together we shall flee
as our hearts and lives interwine.

God forbid you turn me down
because my life would then be bleak.
Upside down, you can turn my frown.
With you, my life would be complete.

You are my heart’s missing piece,
baby my love is true,
so please don’t mistake me for a tease
because I can’t imagine life without you.

-Claire Leong

While writing this poem, I had to think like a lesbian for awhile… Hahah :p  

Anyway, one of my friends needed help to write a love poem for a girl he’s after. Thus, I came up with this, but then he decided that ‘it’s so sweet’ and I should give it to my boyfriend instead. Problem is, I don’t have a boyfriend! 

And apparently, I suck at writing love poems… 



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