Sometimes it’s just easier to confide in a stranger.

Truth be told, most of the time, it IS easier to open up to a stranger than to friend. For me, the closer I am to a person, the harder it is for me to open up to them for several reasons. 

1. It hurts less for a stranger to tell you you’re a freak, than for a friend to do so. 
Let’s say you’ve got a secret about yourself you have yet to tell anyone about, perhaps something wrong with your mind (along the lines of stuff like necrophillia, masochism, sadism, depression, anorexia,etc), and you let your best friend know.
What if he starts to think that you’re a freak? What if he shuns you because of that? It would hurt greatly. However, to have a complete stranger call you a freak and reject you wouldn’t hurt as much. 

2. What if your confidant fails you? 
I have this issue whereby I often doubt my closest friends, especially girls. I know that it isn’t right, but I just do. I’ll always be thinking ‘what if she tells people about my secret?’, ‘what if she starts spreading rumours?’. I just can’t help thinking this way. 
Anyway, what if your confidant fails you? If you told your best friend and she tells other people, they’ll buy it in a second and your secret will be spread. If you told a stranger, and he told other people, it doesn’t matter, because he’s a complete stranger!

3. “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” 
What do you say when a friend asks you that? Telling the truth and saying that you never trusted the person enough to confide in him would hurt him, I’m sure.
A stranger, on the other hand, would never say that.


I apologize for the poorly written post. I had two hours of very disturbed sleep last night, and my head is threatening to explode. 



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