Things that make me happy:

(in no order whatsoever…) 


  • Swiming
    I enjoy taking a dip in the pool. I love the tranquility of water and being underwater makes me feel a sense of peace that I covet every waking moment. Being underwater makes me feel floaty and light – I love it. 
  • Roller-skating
    Gliding along the ground on my skates make me feel free. However, there is always the ‘oh-my-god-I’m-gonna-fall’ factor because I’ve horrible balance. 
  • Walking my dog
    My doggie and I will run up the hill the park, where it is secluded and where I can find some solitude. I enjoy sitting by the deep drain and watching my dog prance around, carefree and happy. 
  • Writing 
    No explanation or elaboration required.  
  • Snuggles and hugs 
    I feel safe when somebody I love, be it friend or family, has his or her arms wrapped around me. 




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