a random prose

It’s a rainy, gloomy Saturday afternoon, and I was just seated in front of my computer listening to some classic Disney songs, waiting for 6.30pm to come so that I could finally leave the house and meet E. 

And then I started to write. 

This is what I came up with: 

In a bright red raincoat, she runs onto the street void of cars. She prances around, embracing the rain as passers-by stare. 

She is free; she is happy. 
She is doing what she wants to.

“Hey,” Voices hiss at her. “Are you crazy? Do you want to get struck by lightning or hit by a car? Get under the shelter.”

With that, the girl in the bright red raincoat trudges toward the shelter. She strips her raincoat, revealing her mundane, gray sweater. She joins the crowd and walks under the shelter, eyes fixed on the ground. She follows the ground blindly, like everyone else is doing. 

She is restrained; she is unhappy. 
She has conformed.   



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