ChildAid 2011

I have volunteered to be a chaperone for ChildAid 2011, a charity event that raises money for the Budding Artists Funds and the School Pocket Money Funds. 

Initially, it was tiring and nothing more. Every day, us chaperones would sit around and do nothing until the stage manager called on us to play a song, get drinks or distribute food. 

Today was day one of the performance. 

Sitting behind my computer screen, I am exhausted, but with a wide smile on my face I cannot erase. The time I had spent with the girls from Happy Mondays today was amazing and fun. We spent time together laughing and talking about anything and everything, ranging from solemn topics like depression and bullying to light hearted ones such as Pokemon and Spongebob. 

Sure, being a chaperone is stressful and absolutely tiring, but being with the joyful performers has seriously lifted my spirits up. 

Playing chaperone to the Happy Mondays girls has also made me feel good about myself, and I haven’t felt like that in a very long time. They told me that I was the best chaperone ever, and they cheered enthusiastically when the stage manager announced that I was to be their chaperone. One of the girls, Shania, even gave me a hug :D 

I am definitely volunteering again next year. 



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