A few poems I dug out

All these were written in 2010. 
I just dug them out.

Cold and all alone
She walked on suicide’s road 
‘Nobody even cares’ she once was told
Which increased her hurt ten fold

Wishing for a home
But feeling unworthy of love
She walked down the crowded road

Near the end – a u-turn
Take it, or keep moving forward? 
All these years, she has learnt
To keep moving forward

She reached the ledge
Where people lept 
“I’m sorry” She wept
And down, down, down she went


i need time to think
but that’s too much to ask for
with my heart leaking red ink
swimming in pain galore

time don’t wait for no one
why didn’t i see it coming?
history cannot be undone
so why bother regretting?

my legs have gone numb
and there’s no where to run

Are you seering right through me
or through my fair facade?

So poorly formed
the clay mask; it’s cracking.
Reavealing a girl, torn.

Shrivelling up,
Drying up.
What is beneath
her fair facade?


Wow, I was such a sad 14-year old. 



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