Depression is an illness

” Well, of course it’s easy to say when you don’t have it. RT @FazeerAzharie Don’t let depression ruin your life ” -@dino_claire

@FazeerAzharie then told me that he has depression but he doesn’t ‘show’ it.

Depression is an illness, and you don’t ‘show’ or ‘hide’ an illness.

Like many others, he has got the misconception that having depression simply means being sad, and having depression is a choice.
No, people, having depression is more than that. Depression is an illness, and you do not choose whether or not you have an illness.

When you have depression, it isn’t because you choose to roll around in a pit of your own self-pity; it’s due to an imbalance of chemicals in the brain that makes you feel miserable, unmotivated and listless.
(That said, depression is not to be confused with laziness.)

If depression were a choice, why in the world would anyone choose to have depression? I have Major Depressive Disorder. You can take my word for it that it is agonizing, and nobody should have to go through the torture that is depression. If I had a choice, I would never choose to have depression.

So, in conclusion, to all you shallow, moronic imbeciles out there:
feeling depressed and having depression is NOT the same thing.
“It’s the fact that ‘depression’ is a synonym for ‘sadness’ that people get misconceptions about.” -Sherri Tjia



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