Admiralty Secondary School: The Bane of My Adolescence

For three and a half years, I have been trapped in the hell hole that is Admiralty Secondary School. I am finally being released, and I am now an official student of St. Francis Methodist School.

As I am no longer at the mercy of Admiralty Secondary, I can now air my honest opinion about the school.

Although I have had some good memories at the school, and several good things have happened to me in the school, such as meeting good friends, the negatives of Admiralty Secondary outnumber the positives by a great deal.


Majority of the teachers of this school are not reliable – some are unable to control a class of 40, while those who are able to are good disciplinarians, but horrible teachers. There are many reasons why they are horrible teachers – they might not teach well, or they do not prepare lessons ahead of time…

A good example of a good disciplinarian but a horrible teacher is the mathematics *teacher of 4E4 (not gonna give you the year). He fails to prepare lessons ahead of time and misses lessons with us, sometimes because he is late for class or sometimes even because he has forgotten that he has lesson with us altogether. Ironically, he heavily punishes the students who are even a minute late for his lesson by making them stay back late, do extra work, or even run rounds.

He never returns us our marked tests or homework, claiming that he was ‘busy’. How can we learn from our mistakes if he does not return us our work? What has he done to our papers – eaten them?

The two worst things about this teacher?
(1) He ignores his students. Many times, I have had this teacher blatantly ignore me, even though I am right behind him, calling his name. When I asked him, right in the face, why he was ignoring me, he had the nerve to grin and claim that he had a hearing problem. It is impossible for him to be able to hear students mumuring amongst themselves at the back of class, but not hear me.
(2) He skips what he doesn’t know. When he reaches a question in the textbook that he cannot solve, he will skip the question or move on to the next question, saying that we will not be tested for such questions during our ‘O’ Levels.

Of course, there are some good teachers in Admiralty Secondary: Mrs Ho, who willingly teaches students after school; Mrs Sam, who comes to school early, stays back late and even comes to school on Saturdays to teach her students; Mr. Tay, who genuinely cares about his students; Ms Guaring, who stays back late to train her debate team…


The discipline in Admiralty Secondary is terrible, and those living around Woodlands, Marsiling and Admiralty know that. Of course, every school will have its smokers, fighters and thugs, but at least those schools do something about it. Admiralty Secondary does very little about things like these, including theft and assault within the school.

I was victimized in Secondary 2 (read about it here). The school did nothing other than worsen the bullying, even though they told my mother the girls who bullied me would be punished.

A friend of mine who stays near the school once witnessed a boy from my school beating up a little boy. When he called the school, the school only had one thing to say – “call police”. This friend of mine has also had students from Admiralty Secondary throw stones into his kitchen, one of which almost hit his baby brother.

All in all, Admiralty Secondary is a horrible school (it is so horrible that even its initials spell ASS).

Goodbye, Admiralty Secondary, and thank you for adding misery to my life in the past three and a half years.

*To that teacher: if you are reading this, I am already doing you a great favour for not writing down your full name here. Note that I tried to show you respect in 2011, but you never reciprocated. Therefore, you do not deserve my respect.

EDIT (09/03/17): The school contacted me, inviting me to their 15th Anniversary Dinner to see how much they’ve changed. Upon rejection, I was requested to remove this post and its comments, or restrict them to certain audiences only. They told me that the comments were unfair to the teacher that so many people (from the description of his poor performance alone) named. They did bring a good point about considering the feeling of others, so I will be removing comments that specifically – to quote them – “shame” the teacher.


27 thoughts on “Admiralty Secondary School: The Bane of My Adolescence

  1. Yeah, ASS sucks with dealing bullying-type discipline problems. My poor friend had to endure until sec 3 until he finally got out of that class and the counsellor barely did anything to help him except make the situation worse between his parents.

  2. Just so you, know, this blog post of yours is on the fifth page when I Google ‘admiralty secondary school’. Totally cool

      1. I do not mean to disagree with you but I am pretty sure the school has changed a lot since you graduated which I assume is around 2012. I rarely see any of the incidents that you have mentioned in your post nowadays. I guess it’s your right to express your opinions but people who read this might get the wrong idea of ADSS. Attending ADSS was like the complete opposite of your experience for me. I hope you could at least say that that was back then and the school has changed since then

      2. Gosh, I do not remember making that comment you replied to. Such a childish remark. That aside, I can (and do) say that that was then. However, I do not know if the school has changed since. People can tell me, but I do not know for sure.

  3. That must be really a torturing experience for you in your secondary school life… Similarly, I have an English teacher in my secondary school who forget his lessons. (until we called him several times… lol) But anyways! I would like to share with those students taking their ‘O’ level examinations and who wish to pursue a polytechnic education. Do take advantage of the direct polytechnic admission. :) I’ve created a website at to give out useful tips on how you can submit a winning application.

  4. Why did you even put Admiralty Secondary School as one of your secondary school choices if you know that the school does not do anything to the bullies? Its not always about the teacher or councillors, it is sometimes the students themselves does not want to change. The teachers and councillors part is to only remind and prevent students from doing the wrong things. They may be able to force, but the student might be able to do it again. You cannot change someone for who they are.

    1. Obviously I wasn’t aware that Admiralty was such a horrid school before enrolling. I wrote this post after leaving the school.
      It is the role of the school to protect their students, even if it’s from other students. Like how it is the role of law enforcement to protect civilians, even if it’s from other civilians.

    2. Dear the person above,

      You sound like a teaching staff from the school or maybe I am wrong. Your view on the role of educators is myopic and irresponsible. Lucky you are not an educator, or are you?

      You shouldn’t be challenging the author’s decision in choosing this school because it is the role of every school to nurture good students. Your question shouldn’t be asking why she chose this school but why the school isn’t doing enough.

      Students are often young and immature and it is the role of educators to guide them onto the right path. The journey might be tough but it is their responsibility. This is their basic requirement. Reminding and preventing students from making a mistake is at a very superficial level. Forcing them to obey won’t work. The students need to understand and see the value in not repeating the mistake. Educators have to guide these ‘lost sheeps’ and cannot solely pass the baton to their parents. Some of these parents are as ‘lost’ as their children. Teenagers are like flour. They can be moulded and remoulded again although it might take some time and effort. As Long as they are not placed in an oven, they can still be moulded.

    3. That sounds like a lot of crab to me to put all the responsibility to student to deal with his/her problem on bully. Have you being bullied? Do you know how it is to be pushed around, fear of retaliation if you speak up and after trying to get help found that all the “supposed” authority brush you aside because they don’t want to have to deal with the other parents (the bully side). Go ahead… hide behind the statement “You cannot change someone for who they are”.

  5. Is the teacher u said u dont give the name inside: miss jane tan (art teacher),mr ray chua ,
    Btw im a fomer sec 2 student


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