quotes about alcatraz

You were a number, you weren’t a name; I wasnt Jim Quillen. Hell, I was Number 586 and nobody wanted that.

The public never wanted to know that real Alcatraz. Even today after the prison has been closed for so many decades, the public just won’t let go of the myths
. -Philip Bergen, former captain of the guards

“It’s mighty good to get up and leave. This Rock ain’t good for nobody.”
-Frank Weatherman, last con to leave (1963)

“Today he will be transported to the healthful but breezy atmosphere of Alcatraz Island, where he can ruminate, ad nauseum and chew the bitter end of treason.”
-Daily Alta, on the arrest of a confederate sympathiser (1862)

You break the rules, you go to prison. You break the prison rules, you go to Alcatraz Prison


2 thoughts on “quotes about alcatraz

  1. George “Machine Gun” Kelly said “These five words seem written in fire on the walls of my cell: Nothing can be worth this!”


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