realizing how handicap-unfriendly singapore is

I recently spent two and a half months in California. During my stay, I went to the happiest place on earth (Disneyland), Disney California Adventure Park, Seaworld and Universal Studios.

I have to say that I was impressed by how handicap-friendly the tourist attractions were – there were ramps everywhere, special queues and alternative transport for those in wheelchairs and the staff were all trained to handle those with special requirements. 

In handicap-hostile Singapore’s Universal Studios, those in wheelchairs and those on crutches get to watch their friends and family go on rides and watch shows as they struggle to find an alternative route around the stairs and tiny walkways.This probably leave those feeling left out, probably even getting angry at themselves or the universe for being disabled. 

Whereas in the four previously mentioned attractions, there were ramps constructed right beside all the stairs, and there were even retractable ramps for the wheelchair bound to get on and off the rides and trams. I was most impressed by a ride – Submarine Voyage – and how the staff handled those with problems walking. There was a special ramp that could be pulled out from the top of the submarine and attached to the platform in order for those in wheelchairs to be rolled in.

I just hope that one day, Singapore will become as handicap-friendly as America.




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