fair job opportunities for everyone

Aladdin the Musical, at Disneyland California, was absolutely amazing. The soundtrack, the acting, the special effects, scripting, directing and more was the best staging that I’ve ever witnessed. I have watched several musicals and plays on stage, including The Lion King, and Aladdin simply tramples that. (no offence to The Lion King) 

During the finale, when all the cast and crew came out on stage to take a bow, there was a girl on a wheelchair. She rolled in happily, smiling like everyone else, and fit in perfectly. 

Today, I was at Thai Express Sun Plaza, and I saw the deaf and mute boy that I’ve seen working there before. He delivered food, cleared tables and worked the register like every other employee of Thai Express. 

That is how different people should be treated in the workforce. The people may not be able to do what most can, but that does not make the ‘normal’ anymore superior than the different. They are simply different, not useless, not to be looked down upon.

If you disagree, then I, without a hint of remorse, call you a shallow and heartless person.
In fact, dyslexics that you shun are a lot more intelligent than you.
The wheelchair-bound are so much stronger than you. Take William Tan for example. Can you do what he has achieved, even though you have full control of your limbs? 



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