teamwork isn’t always the best

People always say that teamwork always matter. 

A common metaphor used is the ‘chopstick metaphor’, whereby one chopstick can be easily snapped into two, whereas if you try to break five chopsticks together, it would be significantly harder to do so.

I am more of a solo worker when it comes to presentation and writing, because I like to do whatever I want, even if it isn’t conventional, even if it has a great chance of failing. 
One reason I prefer working solo is that everything goes according to what I want, and I understand what I want. When I propose ideas in a group,  my team-mates and I may have different understandings of the idea, thus, everyone produces different irrelevant work. 
Another reason is that I often like to write about more…taboo subjects, such as mental illnesses, stigmas or death. Doing this is like walking on the edge, because it might either turn out an extreme success for a unique notion, or an extreme failure for a disturbing and inappropriate notion. I don’t want to be pulling people down with me. 

I see working in teams for situations like the above like stacking blocks together. The more the blocks, the more unstable the tower gets. 

However, when it comes to things like research, debating or performing, it is always great to work in a team. Researching together, working together, and producing the best together.


I just want to say that teamwork isn’t always the best. 
In life skill workshops, instructors always emphasise on teamwork, teamwork, teamwork and oh, what a surprise, more teamwork! 
I dont’ think that teamwork is always best.

—-end post—-

(I suddenly thought of this:) Teamwork isn’t the best when it comes to shitting.
But teamwork might be good for bathing.  



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