self-harm support

Today, 1st October 2012, you are supposed to write “keep fighting” on your wrist today to help support against self-harm! 
Since today is the day that we give self-harmer support, I found it apt to write about the common things people do to self-harmers that shouldn’t be done.

When someone comes out to you about their self-harm, it is important to remember that, self-harming or not, that person is still the same person as he or she was before and therefore should not be treated any differently. Also remember that that person took a lot of courage to come out to you, in fear of rejection, mockery, or a breach of trust. If someone comes out to you about self-harming, it means that your friend trusts you a lot, so don’t let your friend down. 

You wouldn’t want your friend to continue self-harming, but NEVER: 

  • Forcefully inspect the self-harmer’s body for new cuts or bruises 
  • Rob the person of his/her freedom by keeping him/her under surveillance 24/7
  • Threaten the person (e.g: if you cut, I will cut) 
  • Betray the person’s trust (even if you have his/her best interests in mind) 
  • Confiscate objects the person could self-harm with 
  • Force the person to tell you everytime he/she self-harms 
  • Reprimand the person for self-harming 
  • Force the person to tell you something

Add on to the list! Leave them in the comments below (: 



2 thoughts on “self-harm support

  1. Call a self harmer an attention seeker. Stereotype self harmers and call them ’emo’.


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