the fat dog abuser i want to punch

More than once, I have seen this Chinese man, probably in his 40’s or 50’s, overweight and usually in a loose white top, walking his dog(s). Sometimes, it’s just one, but sometimes it’s two Cavalier King Charles (CKC) Spaniels. 

The last time I saw him was when I had a heated argument with him at the void deck, because he was, as always, whipping his dog with the leash. 

He was walking by me and my dog, when his dog desperately wanted to meet my dog, he pulled it back violently, and then proceeded to whip it with the end of the leash when it started barking. 

I immediately snapped at him, “don’t hit your dog”. 

He looked at me for a moment, pointed his fat pointer at me, and told me to mind my own business. I told him that dogs don’t understand such physical punishment. 

The argument escalated from there, as we started yelling at each other. The thing was, with everything he said, he took a step back, until he just turned around and walked away when he had nothing left to say. I called SPCA on the spot, while they told me that there was nothing they could do. 

That was several, several months ago, and I hope that I meet that fat bastard again soon, before I move to the other side of Woodlands. This time, I will not let him go. I will call the police, or perhaps try to ask (not force) him to hand the dogs over, because he obviously doesn’t care about them.  

They deserve a better home.


p.s: yes, i am the kind of girl who will yell at strangers
p.p.s: also not afraid to punch if the stranger insults (not me, but) someone i love 



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