untitled prose

Still waters ran deep in her. 

You look into her eyes and you know, you just know, that there is so much going through her mind; so much anguish and misery in her heart; so much fear. 

She is a person of many layers hidden under many false fronts, and she never let anyone in, because whenever she did, they simply destroyed her from the inside out. 

Her only escape was a hill, green and void of people. It was a sanctuary. 
But it isn’t anymore.

It has been plagued with terrible memories that she never wants to visit again.
There, right there, she let someone into her life, inviting that person into her sanctum; slowly opening the doors to the deepest and darkest corners of her mind.

He was the biggest mistake; one that will be sitting on her shoulders forever.  

She locked and bolted the steel doors behind him as he walked out, and promised herself never to let anyone in again.  





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