dog rentals

There are several dog rental services in Japan, whereby dogs are rented out to people for as long as a month, to as short as an hour. 

Like every industry, there will always be supporters, and opposers. 

As for me, I support the businesses that rent out homeless dogs. 

Changing a dog’s home every week can get stressful for dogs. Moving to a new environment all the time would even stress a human out. Imagine moving from house to house over four times a month, and each time you move, it’s a completely different environment – different kind of bed, different food, different people, different treatment… You don’t even get a chance to have a friend. 
Just imagine how sad that is, living a life without a proper friend. The friends you make leave you just weeks after they’ve met you, and you probably never get to see them again. 
Just as you get attached to someone, they leave you. 

However, when the dogs that are rented out are homeless, it might just be a good thing for the dog. Shelters only have so much space and money to support the homeless dogs. So why not let the dogs have a roof over their heads, even if just for awhile? Why not let the dogs have the love and attention that everyone, including humans, deserve? 

Well, that’s just my take on the dog rental industry. What’s yours?



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