an untitled post about heartless people

This post is sort of a continuation to the previous (the one below) post. The previous post was on a lighter note, whereas this will definately be much, much, much more serious. 

Click here for the summary of the “zombie” man from GuangZhou. 
NOTE: page (bestgore) about the incident may not exactly be appropriate for those of you who cannot take gore. I will accept no responsibilty for any problems caused from said page, including nightmares, phobias, anxiety, and being eaten by cows from Uranus. Thank you.  

Alright, needless to say, there was something wrong with the older guy (aka ‘the zombie’). 

However, that isn’t the point of this post. 

I want to point out that there are several people on the train as well. And what are they doing? Standing three metres away, staring at a poor boy getting his ear ripped off and watching his blood splatter.  

So, basically, my question is: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? 

Why aren’t people helping? They have no reason to be afraid, because all of you outnumber the man. It wouldn’t take much trouble for five or seven other men to pin him down. 

How are people so cold and heartless? 
How are people so cruel?

Humans are everywhere.
Yet, humanity is nowhere. 



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