singapore and lgbt

Click here for LBGT Singapore Laws 

I honestly think that those laws are pathetic. 

Yes, I am speaking against Singapore here.

Singapore is supposedly a ‘developed’ country. But how can a country consider itself ‘developed’ when it possesses such a closed mind? 

I recently found out, from a few of our superiors at Young Actors Academy, that in Singapore, it is illegal to produce a play portraying homosexuality, unless it is licensed and rated R-21. My first reaction was to yell “what the fuck” really loudly, which the superiors did not appreciate…

Alright, that’s besides the point :p 

I just feel that it is aboslutely PATHETIC that the minority of sexualities are treated this way. 

They are people too. It is who they are.
Why treat them like this? Why treat them like there’s something wrong with them? What happened to equality?

It’s like discriminating against someone who likes the colour blue because everyone else likes pink, or someone who likes cats because everyone else likes dogs. If you dislike dogs, you can’t force yourself to like dogs. 

Same logic applies to homosexuality. 


2 thoughts on “singapore and lgbt

  1. I totally agree. The 377A is completely ridiculous. I don’t know how we became an advanced country with all these conservatism and discrimination. I mean, what the fuck, the Singaporean society can’t even leave a couple with a sexy blog alone!

  2. Its just the same as being left handed… i really dont understand why gays in Singapore are treated as if they are being alienated… and it is seen as some disease which is utterly… sad especially being such a developed country…


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