dear @facthive

: You see yourself as 5 times more attractive in the mirror than you really are, thanks to your brain.”

I know you are not the first to tweet that. I know that you stole that tweet from some other twitter quote account, but still, you are an idiot. 

First of all, not only is that statement a complete lie, that ‘fact’ of yours is the reason for cuts on somebody’s arm.

There are cuts on somebody’s arm because of that tweet. 
Someone starved him/herself for another day because of that tweet.  
Someone went to throw up because of that tweet.
Someone hated him/herself even more because of that tweet. 

 You are helping to shatter people’s self-esteem. With something that ISN’T EVEN TRUE.

Deleting the tweet wouldn’t help; the damage has been dealt, you have convinced hundreds of people that they are ugly. 

But let me ask you, @FactHive, what is ‘ugly’? Can you define ‘ugly’? Can you give ugliness or beauty a quantity?
You can’t.
That makes ‘5 times more’ invalid.  

To whoever who manages this account, you are dense, insensitive, plagiaristic and puerile. 
You have no right to call yourself “FactHive” if what you’re posting is FALSE.  


Yours Sincerely
Claire L. 



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