to my yaa family

You guys have been the best. 

I can’t even begin to describe how much you all mean to me. I have fun with you guys in a way that I can’t have with anyone else and I just want to hug you all to death. (no wait, scratch that. you guys cannot die okay) 

You have been a family 
that sprouted from a seed to a tree. 
With you guys I am free –

Free to express myself,
free to dance and sing.
Into my inner psycho I delve 
when I’m with you, just hanging.

To nothing this family can compare.
Vice versa we love and care.
You all have a natural flair
for dance, for song, for theatre. 

You’re all singers, dancers and writers; lovers, sisters and brothers.  
Most importantly, you’re ohana to me :D 

“Ohana means family. And family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” 


Hugs and loves 
(p.s: i save fish from drowning) 





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