“women instigate men to commit rape”


article source: daily.bhaskar.com 


I am usually not one to judge, but Dr. Anita Shukla is a very shallow and ignorant woman for making those ludicrous statements (that I boxed up in the screenshot of the article). 

Firstly, how in the world was it the poor girl’s fault for being gang-raped? 
Things like rape aren’t “bound to happen” and women do not “instigate” rape.  

Saying that women instigate rape is like saying that people instigate pick-pocketing because they have phones in their pockets.

Saying that rape is “bound to happen” after 10pm is like saying that someone holding a phone is bound to be robbed after 10pm. 

“The victim should have surrendered.” 
So, Anita, you’re saying that in the event that six men are trying to rape YOU, you would have surrendered? You would have just stayed there, and let them have fun with your body? 

She tried to break free, meaning that there was a possibility of her getting away. 
If she had “surrendered”, there would have been no possibility of her getting away.

By the deluded logic of surrendering, one should simply “surrender” and do nothing when he/she is being physically abused; said person should show “maturity” and just stand there, allowing the abuser to toss him/her around like a rag doll.

I end this post with two simple pictures: 






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