singapore is not china

I went to Universal Studios Singapore with an amazing friend yesterday (they should really sell Strepsils at USS) and while queuing up for a Transformers-themed ride, I realised that the cut-scene played on small television screens around the queuing area was played twice – once in English, and once in Chinese. I was surprised that it wasn’t repeated in any other languages – not even Malay.

It was then that I told my friend how it isn’t a surprise that people think Singapore is a part of China, and I still stand by what I said.

I mean, just take a look around you – all you see are Chinese.
Not Singaporean Chinese, but Chinese from China. I’m not being racist here – I don’t mind there being foreigners in my country – I’m just saying that this country is soon going to consist of nothing but Chinese Nationals when all the Singaporeans migrate away from the extremely high cost of living.

I wouldn’t mind them being around so much if they could at least speak English. Managers claim to have “trained” their foreign workers to speak English, but in my 16 years of life here in Singapore, I have met less than 5 Chinese Nationals working (NOT studying) in Singapore who actually understand and speak the English Language.

Sure, it takes time to learn a whole new language, but I find it extremely unfair to the Singaporeans who do not speak Chinese – they are in their OWN country, and they can’t even get a cup of Coke from McDonalds without having to ask someone to play the role of translator.

When in Rome, live like the Romans do.
When in Singapore, live like the Singaporeans do.


Speak the language and stop hogging roads with your stupid bicycles, following whichever traffic light (green for cars or green for pedestrians) is in your favour.

I repeat: This is not China.
If the government doesn’t stop inviting Chinese Nationals to come and steal our jobs, Singapore is going to become an extension of China.


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