review of the month: project gorgon

Image I have recently started playing Project Gorgon, an indie MMORPG that is surprisingly fun. Although Project Gorgon is still in alpha testing mode, I’m already loving it.

Unlike other games, the NPCs of Project Gorgon do more than just the standard NPC stuff of standing around and giving quests; they have unique characters and personalities that affect gameplay, and you have to cultivate a friendship with them in order to purchase certain objects. For example, there is an “insane” man who obsesses over mushrooms that sells rocks used for making arrows at an insanely low price.

Achieving the creators’ goal of creating a tight-knit community, the players of Project Gorgon are all friendly and helpful, which is a great contrast from the cold and one-man-for-himself players of most MMORPGs. In less than an hour, I made two friends who helped me to get equipment, helped me with my quests and taught me how to attain certain sets of skills.

Project Gorgon is, as previously mentioned, a surprisingly fun game. It has not appealed to some of my friends, for god-knows-why, but I loved the game from the moment I started playing, despite the lag when trying to create a character.

My advice? Just try it. You might love it.


4/5 dinosaurs

Best ROTM:
Braid (5/5)


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