why is homosexuality “mature content”?

Theme and Message
The theme and message are important in the classification of a film. The acceptability of a theme is determined by its suitability and treatment i.e. the way it is presented and the context in which scenes are presented. (…) Films dealing with mature content (e.g. drug use, prostitution or homosexuality) would generally be classified as NC16.
I was listening to some songs on YouTube one day, when I decided to listen to ‘I Kissed a Girl’ by Katy Perry. To my surprise, the music video was inaccessible to me as it was age-restricted. I managed to watch that particular music video on Vimeo instead, and I realised that it did not contain any unsuitable content that would warrant it to be age-restricted, especially in comparison to music videos like Eminem’s ‘Superman‘ that people of all ages are allowed to view on YouTube. Simply put, YouTube restricted the music video because it had a little bit of homosexual content.
I was then reminded of a poster I saw advertising a movie. Its rating at the bottom of the poster was M18. Why? Due to ‘Nudity & Some Homosexual Content’. I can understand how nudity can cause a movie to be M18, but just some homosexual content? That I cannot wrap my mind around.
In Singapore, homosexuality is still against the law. When questioned, what did the Prime Minister have to say? ‘These are not issues that we can settle one way or the other, and it’s really best for us just to leave them be, and just agree to disagree. I think that’s the way Singapore will be for a long time’, and that ‘the conservative roots in society do not want to see the social landscape change’.
What same-sex couples do on their own isn’t the business of anyone else, so why should it be against the law?
Same-sex couples joining hands in holy matrimony doesn’t hurt anyone, so why should it be against the law?
These are just some of the things I will never understand.


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