a girl is only beautiful after she has died

According to what I’ve observed about our society, a girl is only beautiful after she has died.
This is one of the many things about people that I cannot wrap my mind around.

We live in a terrible world whereby a girl is only complimented and appreciated after she has killed herself, and before that, said person is just another “attention-seeker”.

Before Suicide
“Sheesh, she’s talking about killing herself again. What an attention seeker.”
“That annoying girl just told me she cut again.”
“She came to school with cuts on her arms. She’s just trying to gain sympathy.”
“That loser at the back of class is crying again.”

After Suicide
“Heaven gained an angel today.”
“What a waste – she had a bright future.”
“We failed to help her.” (Yeah, because you did nothing but laugh at her.)
“She was trying to so hard to do well, and now she has given it all up.”

After that person has died, isn’t it a little too late to be calling her an angel, or to be appreciating her efforts?
It’s going to be too late to show that person you care, and it’s going to be too late to call her beautiful, or to tell her love her.

If she’s beautiful to you when she has died, she should be beautiful to you even when she’s alive, otherwise then you’re just saying it because it’s “social protocol” to say that a dead girl is a beauty.
If you really love and appreciate her when she has died, you should love and cherish her even before she succumbs to suicide.

This applies to everyone, not just girls –

Don’t wait until it’s too late.



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