reasons why i like being a nobody

I refrain from being too well-known, outstanding or “popular”, and here’s why:

  1. I’m happy being a loser
    Pokémon, Terraria, WoW, Sims, Project Gorgon, reading, writing, dinosaurs, 9Gag, Cyanide and Happiness… C’mon, I’m not gonna give all that up just for a “social life”.
  2. Being well known comes with too much drama
    I would never, ever, want to be the subject of rumours, gossip and whatnot. Hell, I don’t even want to be talked about in the first place!
  3. I like being left alone
    I despise crowds, and I refrain from social interaction (if I start a conversation with you, be honoured). I very much enjoy being that quiet kid at the back of class, either writing or reading. Perhaps doodling, too.
  4. I don’t want to  conform just to “fit in”
    I don’t care about public opinion – I do what I want because it makes me happy, no matter how ridiculous it looks, including carrying a penguin bag to school or using a kick-scooter to get to the train station. Being well-known means that people will expect me to conform to “social norms”, and I have never really been one to do so.
  5. I don’t like going out
    Anyone who remotely knows me knows that I don’t like leaving my room; I enjoy being in my room, doing my own stuff with nobody to talk to (if I invite you into my room, be honoured) and nobody to judge me.


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