setting up r4 rts


I bought several of these R4’s from for a few of my friends and myself. Here’s a short post (dedicated to them) on how to set up your R4 RTS for 3DS:

  1. Download the latest kernel from r4ids or by clicking on this link. Save it to your desktop for easy access.
  2. Extract the files with a software like winrar and you will get two files – one folder called _rpg and _DS_MENU.dat.
  3. Insert your microSD card into a card reader (you can use the one that came with the R4) and insert it in your computer’s USB port.
  4. Transfer these two files into the microSD card

Your 3DS will now be able to load this R4 card.

I chose to create a folder within the _rpg folder called “games” where I placed all my ROMs.

The end :D

1. the author does not, in any way, condone the illegal copying or distribution of any games
2. the R4 was created for you to play games in which you legally own or developed


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