whose blood do you have on your hands?

I’ve heard many stories of girls and boys being bullied to the point that they resort to suicide – 14-year old Sarah Clerkson, 15-year old Helena Farrell, 16-year old Tom Acton… Two bullies in Florida aged 12 and 14 were even arrested after their victim, Rebecca Sedwick, 12, committed suicide (click to read about the arrest).

My question to the bullies is this – have you not learnt from history?

It’s not that bullies have never heard of these stories before – they’ll read it on social media sites; they’ll even share the stories, commenting on how “evil” people can be, and then they’ll minimize that window and post on someone’s blog, “Go kill yourself, nobody likes you”.

I don’t know if it is because the bullies are too daft to realise that their actions could lead to someone actually killing himself* or if their intentions are maleficent enough to want him dead, but either way, one thing they fail calvin-hobbes-sticks-and-stonesto realise is that if their victim actually does kill himself, his/her blood is on their hands, and that words can, in fact, be lethal.


To the bullies out there:
I don’t understand how you are shallow enough to be able to get a sense of satisfaction and adrenaline from making someone else feel bad. Go ahead, go pick on the people because when you’re older, nobody will want to hire an arrogant bum like you and you will no longer be able to laugh at anyone else. Just remember that if someone you have deliberately hurt – physical or not – kills himself, whether it is tomorrow or a decade from now, his blood is on your hands. You are a murderer.
It’s never too late to turn around and apologise.

To the bullied:
I have been in your shoes. Don’t worry; you will be better off than those buttwipes – just wait for about five years and you will see. Don’t hurt yourself or cry over them, because they’re not worth it.
Stay strong. I am just a message away (claireleong@mail.com).

*I’m just assuming that, in this hypothetical situation, the victim is a boy. Victims of any form of bullying – emotional, cyber, physical and whatnot – may be of any gender.



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