a note to “keyboard warriors”

You turn on your computer, and the first thing you do is head down to your victim’s personal blog, Twitter, Facebook, ask.fm or any other social media site. You then begin to leave demeaning posts on their pages, and chuckle to yourself like as if you’ve just done something honourable. I highly doubt it’s honourable to tell people, “Hey, I spent my night spamming someone’s Facebook page telling him he’s stupid”.

Let me ask you this – what could you possibly hope to gain from all this? A prize for being a jackass? What is the point of spending your time sending hate messages?

If you’ve a problem with someone, it isn’t hard to resolve. You go up to that person, and you tell them why you’re angry. Why manoeuvre through social media platforms just to humiliate someone? Do you get some sort of a pathetic thrill? Are you so bored with your own life that you’ve decided to try to ruin someone else’s? 

Stop using the damn Internet as a shield, and if you’re going to insult someone, at least do so in proper English.

Since your English standards are usually terrible, here are some definitions of the words you may find difficult to grasp:
demeaning: causing someone to lose their dignity and the respect of others.
jackass: you
humiliate: make someone feel ashamed
pathetic: you
resolve: solve an issue
manoeuvre: a movement
grasp: to take hold of firmly or to comprehend


2 thoughts on “a note to “keyboard warriors”

  1. Claire, May i know the story behind your attempts to suicide?? I am not a troll. I sincerely want to know as I am on the verge of suicide.

    1. Of course. Should I email it to you….? You seem to want to remain anonymous, though. If you do, it’s fine. I can just write a post about it (:


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