why should one life be worth more than another?

Over the years of hovering around social media sites, I’ve come to realise something rather disturbing – the few tens of deaths reported on social media sites somehow always seem more tragic and important than the deaths of 153,000 people everyday.

That’s right – an estimated 153,000 people die each day. The deaths of people that are circulated virally around the Internet are always a “big deal”. What about the other thousands of people who die every day? Just because there isn’t a Facebook page dedicated to the deceased titled “RIP ____”, doesn’t mean that that person’s life is worth any more than the next 107 people who are going to die in the next minute.

Don’t give the excuse of “but s/he committed suicide” or “but s/he was abused”, because someone successfully commits suicide every 40 seconds and every year, 40 million children are subjected to abuse. Think about that the next time you think that sharing a Facebook about one death makes you a “good person”.
If you took five minutes to read this, an estimated 535 people have died .
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