when feminism has gone too far: “free bleeding”

Free Bleeding, mainly borne by 4Chan, is catching on quick, which is extremely unfortunate. Why? Because Operation Free Bleeding is about women running around town with blood dripping down their thighs and a menstrual blood trail behind them.


No bras? Sure, it’s comfy.
No panties? Sure, that’s comfy too.
No pads and tampons? Ugh no thanks.

I get the message that they’re trying to convey here – periods are natural, and isn’t something to be ashamed of. But seriously, free bleeding? It’s ridiculous! Feminism has gone too far this time. Imagine the stench, and the people who will have to clean up the mess left behind?

Imagine wading in a pool with menstrual blood floating around!

If you’re gonna say okay to women free bleeding, might as well say okay to men free ejaculating; it’s natural and nothing to be embarrassed about either!



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