why rapists are vermin to me

I could be friends with and even respect murderers, racists, sexists and dictators. However, there are a few kinds of people whom I can never look in the eye without spitting on them – child abusers, animals abusers and last but definitely not least, rapists.

As small minded as it may seem, I will never be able to stand in the same room as those people, especially rapists, regardless of their gender. I’d rather kiss a mannequin (I’m slightly pediophobic; standing next to a mannequin or wax figure makes me nervous) than shake hands with a rapists.

I don’t care if a rapist has done time for the crime – it does not change anything. Not only has that person violated an innocent human being (or animal), s/he has scarred the victim for life. The trauma will stay with the victim for the rest of his/her life, and probably be stuck with severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for years. In less than an hour, the rapist has ruined someone’s life altogether, and stolen every bit of self-respect and self-worth from the victim.

I don’t care if the rapist feels guilty about what s/he has done. It cannot be undone, and s/he deserves to feel guilty for eternity. Rapists deserve life sentences, and they can drown in a pit of remorse and rot in jail for all I care.




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