we’ll see you tomorrow (suicide prevention)

On September 10, 2015, it will be World Suicide Prevention Day. On August 12, 2015, To Write Love on Her Arms launched the campaign “We’ll See You Tomorrow”. From today until World Suicide Prevention Day, I shall strive to write at least one blog post related to suicide per week. For the first post, I just want to talk about the campaign theme We’ll See You Tomorrow.

amie Tworkowski

Some people don’t care about Tomorrow. Tomorrow is just another day, like the one before it, and the day to come after it, etc. Tomorrow is of little significance to them. They begin each day the same way, do the same things, and go back to sleep, then repeat. Their Tomorrow will probably become just another placid everyday scene. These people live well with routine ( and I commend their circadian systems). Well, either that or they spend their lives unhappy because they’re not pursuing something bigger, out of fear of change or failure. For those people, I have a quote for you by Paulo Coelho, ‘People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.’ I digress. Sorry. I do that.

Some people look forward to Tomorrow with such hope and glee – it is another day of meeting your friends, eating foods that you like, kicking back with a book in hand; it is another day closer to that concert you’ve been anticipating, a day closer to the next festivity, a day closer to your next promotion. Perhaps the only thing you dislike about Tomorrow is that you might have to do some work. These people, filled with hope, have a passion for Tomorrow.

Some people look upon Tomorrow with disdain – it is another day to pretend to be happy around “friends”, being forced to eat when you just have no appetite, being unable to concentrate enough to even read your favourite book; it is just another day that you won’t be attending that concert because of anxiety, just another melancholic day closer to- to what? To your next break down? Probably. These people I’m talking about are the survivors, the spoonies, the depressives, the butterflies, the ones with #blithe, SS_123, Mia, Ana, SH… And the ones thinking about Catching The Bus.

You have to understand how difficult it is for these people, people like me, to face another Tomorrow. We’re sick of everything that life has thrown at us, like illnesses. Sure, we should count our blessings and not our misfortunes, but what happens when we get ostracized because of our misfortune? How are we supposed to not count our misfortunes when everyone around us is using them as reasons to not be our friends? We don’t really “not care” about the rejection, you know? We say they don’t bother us. But we’re only human. We care. It hurts. We have to pretend like it doesn’t. We also have to pretend to be as “normal” as possible so that maybe, hopefully, they’ll forget about our misfortunes and treat us as equal human beings. Then, Tomorrow comes and it is another day of the torment. Tomorrow is another war against ourselves. These people, filled with anguish, hate Tomorrow with a passion.

Obviously, some of us have better Tomorrows than others. So, maybe, we could just help make everyone’s Tomorrow a little bit better. Just a smile, pushing a lift button for someone, opening the door for someone, could make that person’s Tomorrow better.

Today, 96 people gave up on Tomorrow. Tomorrow could have been the day that somebody made better. Tomorrow could have been the day that everything started to look up. But they’ll never know now.

So hang in there because Tomorrow is only a day away, and

We’ll See You Tomorrow.

Author’s note: I believe that people have the right to die if they want to.

Yes, I understand that this is a suicide prevention campaign I am getting myself involved in. What am I doing here then? I’m not trying to thwart the campaign, or try to the change the minds of TWLOHA (are you kidding me I love them I have their merch shipped from the US all the way to Singapore!). Just because someone attempts suicide doesn’t mean (s)he wants to die. These are the suicides I want to prevent.

I am definitely on TWLOHA’s side on this.
If anyone wants me to, drop me an email, comment, twitter mention or fb message, and I can write a post explaining my logic.



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