suicide prevention: what not to do

There are a lot of what to do and what not to do with a suicidal person posts. Most of these, however, are written by counsellors or therapists. Well, here is a list of what NOT to do, written by someone who has been there.

  • Threaten to call the cops
    We really don’t need the law involved in all this. It gets messy and complicated. Plus, having “suicide attempt” on your permanent record isn’t exactly something that would encourage us to live on.
  • Tell us we’re being stupid
    Calling someone stupid is a stupid way to talk someone out of suicide.
    Also, if wanting to die makes us stupid, then we’re stupid.
  • Tell us that other people have it worse
    “Psychological invalidation is one of the most lethal forms of abuse.” Having your feelings dismissed only brings about even more negative feelings that we become afraid to share, because they are dismissed anyway. We know that other people have it worse. We know that we’re lucky to have a roof over our heads. But we still feel like this. And we don’t know why. So don’t make us feel worse about it.
    “Psychological invalidation is one of the most lethal forms of abuse.” — Unknown
  • Tell us how selfish we are being
    What’s more selfish – forcing us to live when every day is a torture, or leaving because it hurts so much?
    “It’s been the years of abuse, neglected to treat the disorder that controls my youth for so long. I’m in a fleshy tomb buried up above the ground. It’s no use, why should I hold on?” — Jamestown Story
  • Say we need medication
    Yeah… See, we don’t like having to depend on antidepressants. We’re sick of how they make us feel. They don’t make us feel happy, like most people think they do. They’re not happy pills.
    “The chemicals will bring you home again.” — Pierce The Veil
  • Give up on us
    We can get difficult. We’ll accuse you of things. We’ll push you away. We’ll be complete assholes. Why? I quote John Green, “I’m a grenade and at some point I’m going to blow up and I would like to minimize the casualties“. We know that we will hurt the people (ie. casualties) around us if we kill ourselves (ie. explode). We know that the guilt will ride on your shoulders. If we get you angry enough, you’ll leave us. And then you won’t hurt as much when we die. That’s the logic. The truth, however, is that we need you.

This is post #3 regarding TWLOHA’s We’ll See You Tomorrow Campaign on suicide prevention.

Also, if you would like to know what being in our head feels like, try listening to Icon For Hire’s album Scripted (or y’know, just look up the lyrics).



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