launching the mental health blog community – 20/04/2017

[UPDATE] The site is up and running –

Not too long ago, I decided to start a project – to create a site whereby Singaporeans can find available resources and have open discussions regarding mental health. Today, I have six individuals working on the site with me, and it was them who came up with the title – Winding Through The Willows.

What sets this site apart from other mental health blogs

This blog doesn’t just look at recounts of experiences with mental illness, which most mental health blogs do. Instead, recounts and opinion pieces are merely categories.

Other categories we have (for now)

Resources: Organisations, downloadable content, events, mobile game applications, etc.

Coping: Sharing of (healthy) coping mechanisms, and readers can even submit relevant pictures (e.g. a pet, a painting, a location).

Informative: Mental health and illness are explained in layman terms here, and news related to the topic will be posted. Risk factors will also be discussed. All content in this category are required to be backed up with at least one credible source.

The site’s official launch date is 20th April 2017.

Other things about the site:

Transparency and donations
If and when we begin to accept donations, all the money (if any) we receive will be recorded in a public log. There, we will show you where every cent goes. You may also choose what you want the money to used for (e.g. hosting fee, advertising). The names or pseudonyms of donors will be, with permission, published alongside the donation amount, so the donor can check that the amount listed on the site tallies with what (s)he donated. That being said, some donation sites (we haven’t settled on one yet) take a certain percentage of every donation. This will also be recorded publicly.

Health of team members
No matter what, team members must put their own health first. They are expected to take a break from the site  or take on a lighter workload once in awhile (especially if they’re stressed, tired, busy, etc.). Members may be restricted to only some participation at the team’s discretion if we feel the need to. Workload is usually decided and arranged by each member as (s)he would like, and none of them are obligated to take on tasks. The team works on initiative and autonomy.

This refers to both the team and readers. Should any member, or any reader, is harassed as a result of their participation in the site, they are advised to tell the team. While we may not be able to put an end to it, we can provide support. Any threats of hurting another person (creatures in general, actually), will be dealt with seriously. If the team feels the need to, we will go to the police. Within the team, anyone who threatens another may be removed from the team.

P.s.: I am so excited for the site. I will be shamelessly promoting the site on the 20th. I may be a lot less active on my personal blog from then, but I won’t be abandoning dinoclaire.



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