My Stories

Here, you can download stories that I have written in PDF format. You may find them in epub here. They’re mostly short fiction stories, and they’re arranged in no other order than how much I like them. You may also make a donation and support my work by clicking here.
The books aren’t formatted very well, and the cover pages are rather pathetic. Also, I don’t know why the images’ alignments are funny.

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ProtectorsWhat if the monsters under your bed were protecting you?
Directly in my wayI had plans to die tonight, and you are directly in my way.
The lost cat and the lamb that didn’t belongA fairytale

Protectors – 950 words

Protectors – download
What if the monsters under your bed – the ones that you were taught to fear – were protecting you? What if they were protecting you from the real danger?

Word count: ~950 words
Key words: abuse, dissociation, child

This was a great little story. It’s extremely dark, and it might prove triggering for some people. However, the victims of extreme abuse will be able to relate to this story strongly. I particularly liked the subtext of the story, which has you wondering who the real monsters are. The present tense format worked well for the story, and the fantasy elements had a sort of stunning emotional realism.

Sequel: Protectors and The Sanctuary –  download

Ally is twelve now, and the real danger has not gone away. The monsters are giving her a way out.


directly in my way.png
directly in my way: 4,222 words


Directly in my Way – download

Word count: ~4200 words
Keywords: suicide, death

I normally don’t like suicide stories, but this one was interesting. At first I thought both would go over the side, but the girl seemed trying to talk him out of jumping…

the lost lamb ... cover
the lost lamb and the cat that didn’t belong

The Lost Lamb and The Cat That Didn’t Belong – download

Word count: ~1200 words
Keywords: fairytale, animals, anthropomorphic, home



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